Personalised Support

A key part of moving towards wellness is finding a provider with support workers that you feel comfortable with. We want to reassure our clients that the Brave Life Social Services team consists of highly experienced and skilled support workers with the diversity of skills that is needed to support an individual through their recovery journey.

In home support

Brave Life Mental Health facilitators respect your choice of support and are happy to provide face to face support within the comfort of your own home. Being able to talk to someone about your problems, means having a support worker with a special skill set. We understand the importance of communication, and our support workers have the ability to both communicate professionally or to simply chat and listen. A Brave Life Facilitator is someone who:

  • Has excellent interpersonal communication
  • Will be there to listen to you and help you through difficult times
  • Provide company, friendship and support when you need it most

Assistance with daily life

We will support your choice of goals and assist with reskilling to assist you in moving towards having greater independence. Brave Life Facilitators are able to help with personal and domestic activities to develop skills needed to maintain a clean home environment. This may include assisting our clients to carry out basic house work and yard work such as:

  • Assistance with meal preparation
  • Assistance with basic in-home cleaning chores
  • Assistance with paper work and bills